Team Sonic Racing

The start screen

The main menu

The game mode selection screen

The track selection screen

The character selection screen

Stylised Wisp icons

Stylised character icons

The game HUD

The game HUD showing the Item Transfer game mechanic

The individual race result screen

The team race result screen

The Team Adventure Mode map screen

The Team Adventure Mode narrative screen

The Mod Pods opening screen

The Mod Pods item received screen

The loading screen

I worked as the Lead UI Artist on Team Sonic Racing, the next generation Sonic karting game published by SEGA and developed by Sumo Digital Nottingham, leading a team of two other artists. 

The project used in-house engine and tools.

The game uses unique team-based mechanics that created interesting challenges in the UI, especially the HUD as it was necessary to both communicate the player’s unique position and actions and the ones of the teammates, which could affect race actions and events and overall ranking at the end of the race.




PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One


Sumo Digital



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